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Practitioner Training

Becoming a QVSWPP Practitioner 

Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse is THE most precious and Ultimate Tool on your spiritual journey. IT is your best Friend, Guide, silent Teacher, Lifeline and Confidant that never fails you and will show you the way out. The way out of limiting views and patterns, limited understanding of yourself, of life and the universe, so that you can tap into your higher potential and ultimately attain your True Self, your highest and true potential. Once initiated by Sreemaa-Shreeji you can tune in with the Signature of Shunya Bindu any time anywhere; IT is available 24/7/365.

What are the foundations to become a certified QVSWPP Practitioner? 

When commencing the Facilitator in Training under the gracious Guidance of Sreemaa-Shreeji many years ago, we began to recognise a pattern in the healing industry where many people would be attracted to courses to get a ‘quick-fix’ to their problems or wanted to join for their own intentions which were not based on spiritual fulfillment to any great depth. 


Generally speaking, many courses are operating like a conveyor belt where they are only focused on churning out numbers. Kosmic Fusion at its core is a philanthropic project and a benevolent mission focused on the True Self and Absolute Truth, rather than being commercially driven. We don’t believe in monetising or intention-based healing. Rather an energy exchange is made because as a Practitioner you are spending your valuable time, but it should never be for building a profit-making business or creating a personal brand.

At Kosmic Fusion you will soon learn that our approach is different. The training we offer is based on the Guru-shishya tradition or Parampara, which naturally can be challenging for some to grasp. We have graciously been under the guidance and intense training of our beloved Guru Sreemaa-Shreeji for over 10 years. We really understand that without our Mentor and Guru and the continuous Teachings of Absolute Truth passed down through the words and wisdom of Sreemaa-Shreeji, it would not be possible to share this training from a non-intentional based principle. 

As facilitators we value and keep imbibing more and more the core principles of honesty, integrity, authenticity and transparency, responsibility, accountability and reliability which means that all participants will also need to work on developing these core values and follow the ground rules set by our Mentor Sreemaa-Shreeji.

We offer three QVSWPP Practitioner workshops: 

  • Practitioner Training 1 (series of 9): Awakenin series
    During the basic workshop you will be initiated with Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse by Sreemaa-Shreeji, after which you can share QVSWPP with family and friends but can’t charge any energy exchange for this. 

  • Practitioner Training 2 (series of 9): Transformation series
    After having attended this series of QVSWPP Practitioner workshops, you will need to share 25 practice QVSWPP sessions and submit notes from your experiences and recipient feedback.

  • Practitioner Training 3 (series of 9): Pathways to Transcendence
    Then, once approved by Sreemaa-Shreeji you can then apply for this series of QVSWPP Practitioner Training, after which you can ask for energy exchange, and a royalty fee will be given as seva (selfless service) to Kosmic Fusion.

The aim of offering this to participants is to focus on learning and spiritual growth rather than being a business-driven model. This is about sadhana, spiritual practice. Going through your own P.R.O.C.E.S.S of Transformation over time is a major part of the journey to becoming a fully-fledged practitioner of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse. Based on our experience of an intense journey of Transformation, where have been and still are under the Guru-shishya umbrella and have received innumerable blessings, activations and discourses from Sreemaa-Shreeji, it took us nearly 7 years to be able reach a sound grounding in the akarmi (non-doer). This time is crucial in understanding and practicing the akarmi, understanding the concept of seva and alongside it building your karmic merit account by devoting time in offering QVSWPP transmissions without monetary gain.

Supersonic accelerator for the jivatma (incarnational self)

Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse sees the Zero-Point, that potential of the Absolute inside you. Sreemaa-Shreeji is making Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse (QVSWPP) accessible so that you can reach out to your own Self and support your own spiritual journey. This is between you and You - the QVSWPP is generously gifting that momentum so that you can let your True Self come in and work with you. IT is that momentum that you need to move from your small self to your True Self. In this way the QVSWPP is like the ultimate superfood for the spark within.

For those who are committed, Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse helps you with the inner work, which is a must on any spiritual path. IT will show you where change is required and over time bring you into a more neutral place where you can strengthen your connection to and understanding of your True Self. Naturally this is a journey and P.R.O.C.E.S.S of Awakening, Transformation and Transcendence, but with QVSWPP as your constant Ally, it is accelerated at a supersonic speed.

Register your interest to be notified once the Training becomes available mid 2025.

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