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Irene Kuo - Quantum Vortex Energy™ Trained Practitioner

My Experience with the Quantum Vortex Holographic Healing™…
QVSWPP™ is a powerful source energy that after connecting with this energy, it emits through the body cells 24/7, and makes me become an instant healer. It's the organic source energy that no channelling is involved. As it's an intelligent energy, it does the auto scan & auto repair and works by itself. It allows self-healing as well as sending the energy to people remotely without any efforts. Here are a few profound examples for sharing:

Beginning of this year my sister-in-law hurt her ankle. Interestingly, her period also stopped. Few months later she came to Sydney to visit us. After doing one hour of QVSWPP energetic transmission session with her, the next day her period came back - how amazing is that!

In one afternoon during tea break, I was laying down the grass relaxing and breathing, didn't realise my colleague was lying down next to me about 3-4 meters away and enjoying the sunshine as well. About 10 minutes later, my colleague asked me if I did anything. My answer was no, just breathing, then she told me she felt a strong wave around her and also there's also strong pulsing behind her head. Even without my intention of sending QVSWPP™, people nearby could still feel the energy!

My colleague had a bad sore throat, I was asking her to sit about 3 meters away, and started to send the energy for 11 minutes. She felt a strong pulse in her throat, and she told me in the same night before going to bed, she felt her throat start pulsing again. The next day she woke up and found the soreness is reduced a lot. She told me it normally took her several days to recover yet she immediately felt the pain is gone after the 11 minutes QVSWPP™ energetic transmission. Even without touching her, it still works! It also shows the energy works by itself, and is still working after the energetic transmission.

During the QVSWPP™ energetic transmission sessions, normally people give feedback about feeling lighter and peaceful, feeling like going off to heaven or in a different world! There was a lady who told me she felt oneness during the energetic transmission session -- she felt we had the same breathe in and breathe out, just like one and I had the same feeling too! It was such a beautiful experience to share the same space and no separation.

Am feeling so honoured and grateful to be able to be a QVSWPP™ Emissionary and Practitioner, and learning so much more in the process of serving. My deepest gratitude to Kaveeta and Suniel for making this energy accessible to us.

The source energy - Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Phonon Pulse™ - is truly a precious gift to humanity!

Irene - On her journey with Kosmic Fusion

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