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Elliaa Jutte - Quantum Vortex Energy™ Trained Practitioner

My Experience with the Quantum Vortex Holographic Healing™…
Sharing the QVSWPP™ with others is nothing short of mind blowing and absolutely beautiful in my experience. It's a humbling and Divine experience to be present simply to witness the healing as the Presence of Source unfolding within the recipient is, THAT which Is doing the Energetic Re-set.

As it's pure Divine Intelligence at work, going where it needs to, clients always report feeling lighter, blissful, clear, relaxed, happy and more connected to Source. Some instantly have long-standing pains or issues disappear such as one lady whose back pain disappeared for the first time since 20 years or another who had a sore calf for weeks which disappeared. Another lady immediately felt her human angel wings open up!

Doing remote or Skype QVSWPP™ transmissions has been one of the most powerful experiences for me. The energy is instantly felt by the recipient and the feeling of inter-connectedness, of oneness is highly palpable, with a sense of peace, joy & stillness in the heart that is beyond words.

QVSWPP™ is sublime surrendering to the Divine Mystery, allowing the invisible Power & Glue that connects all into One to take you beyond the illusion of separation into a feeling of Love & Unity

QVSWPP™ is true relaxation, re-balancing, re-aligning and perfect integration into a feeling of Bliss, Peace, Joy and Stillness

QVSWPP™ activates the innermost knowing and remembrance of God, of that which is beyond all words, yet present within you, in every cell and part of your Being

QVSWPP™ takes you into an expanded awareness, a spaciousness from which you can embrace everything & everyone with unconditional Love

QVSWPP™ is the harmonizing, neutralizing, enlightening, soothing caress of the Creator

With QVSWPP™ you feel everything communicating with you all the time, pulsing, dancing in Divine orchestration to a loving beat

QVSWPP™ makes you feel the Truth that we are One!

Elliaa - On her journey with Kosmic Fusion

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