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Edgar - Quantum Vortex Energy™ Trained Practitioner

My Experience with the Quantum Vortex Holographic Healing™…
Edgar is innate searcher of Truth, the meaning of Being and Existence. His own challenges and experiences have been the doorway to becoming conscious that every moment provides us with the answers that our Soul looks for.

Edgar thanks to the Awakening and Initiation process done by KaVeeTa and SuNiEL for which he is grateful which have brought a feeling of Wholeness, Presence and Peace with so much ease all the time; this process has also got him the opportunity to share this beautiful Energy of the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon PulseTM in any surroundings or during his healing sessions. Edgar in his words says… “I experience my self as just conscious thought and a feeling through moments of meditation which has become normal every moment, with all my being without any effort. All my gratitude to Kosmic Fusion – KaVeeTa and SuNiEL”

“What I was experiencing just as conscious thought and a sense of peace achieved through only moments of meditation has become normal every moment, with a peace that fills my being without any effort. All thanks to Kosmic Fusion – KaVeeTa and SuNiel which have provided this opportunity to get this blessing₺

Edgar has also done much advanced Transcendence workshop at Kosmic Fusion and he’s happy to share the blessings that have been shared to him and he wishes to spread the grace through his healings or support to anyone.

Edgar - On his journey with Kosmic Fusion

Phone no.: +57 3156350358

Website: www.pazylibertaddelalma.com