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Clarito - Quantum Vortex Energy™ Trained Practitioner

My Experience with the Quantum Vortex Holographic Healing™…
I am amazed at the experience my friend had when I transfer energy remotely for 11 minutes while she meditate simultaneously she was amaze to have felt the energy flowing and felt strong vibration, warmth and aware of her own heart beat all the time while whole body was pulsing…

I had a one hour QVSWPP™ session with a friend in the morning while she was getting energy transfer she was able to access Akashic record and download everything she wanted. And has able to glimpse her pass lives and felt all activation and fully connected to the Source. Later that day she message me to tell me how amazing she felt and that the crystal she had with her was pulsing and even her friend said the energy of the crystal is amazing after she hold them. She was so impress she wanted to have both of her sons have a QVSWPP™ sessions to help with major food issues and insecurity because she notice how she’s not wanting to eat after QVSWPP™.

While volunteering in Mind Body Spirit Festival (Sydney) doing a demo of 11 minute feeling the 3 Dimensional & 4 Dimensional Dense Energy body and then feeling the QVSWPP™ on the Kosmic Fusion™ stand. I had a privilege to come across a Lady when she experiences the demo she felt she was in heaven; she felt the bliss and uncontrollable laugher of joy so much she got tears in her eye. And every time a wave of bliss would come I would feel it too and laugh with her. She was so grateful and felt so bless for the experience an for what Kosmic Fusion™ offers.

Love it so much she pretty much drags her daughter to try it out, and sit down with her daughter for her a second session. We had to deny her 3rd session for the MBS was already close and kicking people out. Amazing experience!

Clarito - On his journey with Kosmic Fusion

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